The Greenhouse 817 began in 2014 in Deryk Poynor's backyard greenhouse. After several months of successfully selling her succulent and cacti creations through Instagram, Deryk knew it was time to expand. Thus, The Greenhouse 817 was born, a sprawling 4,500 square foot warehouse filled with beautiful botanicals and modern containers, where Deryk and her staff craft thoughtfully executed arrangements.

Meet the team

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Deryk Poynor

From making a mess of her mother’s garden at a young age, to working with an event florist and learning floral design as an adult, Deryk has always felt a special connection to plants. Dissatisfied with the more traditional designs found in local florist shops, Deryk created The Greenhouse 817 to bring modern, unique botanical designs to Fort Worth.


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Jordan Cook

Jordan's love for plants came much later in life with the purchase of their first home and the desire to fill the space with life. Although she credits her her husband with the majority of the care. Jordan has always had a passion and love for small business. Her role at The Greenhouse 817 includes all things operations, more than likely she's the one on the other end of the line.


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Kylie Hull

Meet the women behind the camera. Kylie's love affair with plants started at a young age in Tennessee building a garden with her family in their backyard. From there it moved to an obsession with all house plants and cacti. Recently graduating with a BFA in photography Kylie made the move to Fort Worth to join the greenhouse team. Kylie's role at the greenhouse includes and is not limited to: photography, design, technical support, and social media.


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The Pups


Bella Poynor

The OG greenhouse dog and CEO


Toby Hull

professional door greater, nap taker, and the only boy.